LAYING THE GHOST - the hardback version is published on July 2nd by Bantam Press - further info in the Books section of this site. It is also scheduled for release as a Black Swan paperback in February 2008.

I've written a number of short stories recently and these will be published in My Weekly (week of July 14th), Your Cat magazine (August edition) the Sunday Express S Magazine (September 2nd), Prima magazine (summer fiction July/August) and Woman magazine (summer fiction special edition, also July/August).

Work is now under way on book no. 15, and the proposed title is OTHER PEOPLE'S HUSBANDS. More details to follow when I've given deeper thought as to what, exactly, it's going to be about. At the moment it's a general over-excited mixture of ideas in my head. It'll become gradually clearer, but possibly not be till I'm about halfway through. And if you're thinking that's a pretty vague and disorganised way for a writer to work, well I guess that's why I don't have a proper job... But hey, don't knock it, creative chaos works for some of us!